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About us

At Konstantinou Architects we are dedicated to providing our customers high quality projects through a carefully selected and versatile combination of classic and modern solutions. Our office has on his resume projects of high standards and operates throughout Larissa city and the coastline, focusing on the specific needs of each client.

Current projects

Currently holiday housing complexes are under construction and completion on the coast of Larissa, and more specifically two complexes at Velika and another complex in Koutsoupia. These consist of modern luxury triplex properties right by the sea with great views. For more information click on "Properties for sale".

Contact us

Andreas Konstantinou                           Ronnie - Archontia Konstantinou

Tel:  +(30) 2410-536511, +(30) 2410-253757

Mob: +(30) 6993-905278

Fax:  (+30) 2410-253757

Email: info@texnikografeio.net 

Address:  Velli 4 Str, 41222, 2nd floor                            Larissa, Greece